Final report reveals lower harvest numbers

From Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks

  Hysham check station was open Saturday and Sunday, November 26-27, 2011. A total of 194 hunters came through the station. Hunters harvested 81 mule deer: 70 bucks and 11 does, along with 35 white-tails composed of 24 bucks and 11 does. In addition, 18 pheasants, 8 sharp-tails, 3 turkeys and 92 geese were counted through the check station.

Waterfowl hunting definitely picked up, lots of geese were observed in the area and goose hunters were doing very well.  Folks still reported seeing lots of sharp-tails, fewer pheasants and low turkey numbers. 
Ashland check station was open Sunday, November 27, 2011. Hunters passing through the station numbered 112 with 29 of those being successful in their efforts to bring home wild game. Hunters harvested 17 mule deer bucks and 3 mule deer does, 7 white-tail bucks and 2 does were checked. Two cow elk were also checked. Hunters commented the deer numbers were low and several comments were heard concerning EHD that affected the white-tail deer population.
The final weekend of the general big game rifle season was warm and dry along with sustained winds so hunting conditions were less than ideal. Overall hunter harvest through the entire hunting season was lower than recent hunting seasons. 

Published Dec. 7, 2011

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