Several items discussed at town council meeting

Items discussed at Tuesday's regular town council meeting included:  
  •  A lengthy discussion on the replacement of two town dump trucks was mulled over by the council. Maintenance supervisor Art Tyler reported to the council several dump trucks he has found for sale in Glendive. Currently the town has about $8,000 set aside  to purchase the trucks. The council agreed that Mayor Ron Kiosse should negotiate an offer for one or both trucks.
  •  A pump and motor for the Town of Terry’s swimming pool has been rebuilt in Billings.
  •  The council discussed the need to build up an alley in a block located on the southwest end of Terry where a new residential home now exists. The alley would help the maintenance crew with garbage disposal. No action was taken on the matter.
  •  Discussion regarding the town’s previous free-use-permit with the Bureau of Land Management for a gravel pit was addressed. The last time gravel was hauled out of the pit by the town was in 2002-03, according to Tyler. The town has been in the process of attempting to renew the free-use-permit with the BLM after county crews removed gravel from the pit. Because the county was not a part of the free-use-permit with the BLM the town’s free-use permit was shut-down, according to Tyler, who noted one of the specifications in the BLM permit was that no other entity besides the town was allowed to take gravel out of the pit. Kiosse said he will meet with county commissioners to address the matter as an interlocal agreement for public safety.
  •  There were no updates on the interim zoning ordinance or growth policy/planning boards, according to Kiosse. Town attorney Becky Convery noted that the Department of Commerce will be conducting meetings statewide addressing zoning and growth policy issues. The meeting for this area will be held in Glendive. Kiosse said that he and Larry Keltner plan to attend the meeting. Other council persons may attend the meeting as well. Discussion arose as to whether the town should post the meeting in case a quorum of the council attend the meeting, in light of the recent Watford City, N.D. trip. Council agreed to post the meeting. Kathy Hickman will be replacing Clinton Rakes on the land planning board.
  • Convery reported that county commissioners are considering disbanding the Public Safety Commission board. A lengthy discussion of the board’s role took place, with Convery explaining what state statute says about the board’s purpose. Very few counties in the state have a Public Safety Commission, according to Convery, who gathered that information through discussions county officials had with representatives from the Montana Association of Counties, (MACo).  Kiosse noted that the town provides one-third of the sheriff’s office budget.  No decision on whether to disband the three-member county board has been made, Convery said. County officials will likely be talking with town officials before a decision is made. Members on the board include: Fran Fleckenstein, Steve Tibbetts and Ray Strasheim.
  •  Rolane Christofferson was elected as the town council president. Christofferson will preside over council meetings when the mayor is unable to attend.
  • The town’s dog vaccination day has been set for Saturday, February 11 from 10 a.m. to noon. Glendive veterinarian Ivan Dyekman will be administering vaccines for cats and dogs. A mileage charge may need to be added to Dyekman’s fee of coming to Terry this year. Council discussed raising vaccination fees to offset the mileage increase, which was anticipated to be about $45. No motion was made. 

Published Jan. 11, 2012

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