Fallon couple faces felony drug charges

        A domestic altercation called into law enforcement led to felony drug charges for a Fallon couple.
        According to charging documents, Jamie Lee McGrady faces a felony charge of criminal possession of a dangerous drug. Scott Faas has been charged with felony criminal possession of a dangerous drug, and felony possession with intent to distribute, along with a misdemeanor charge of possessing drug paraphernalia. 

The charges stem from a July 8, 2011 incident that took place at McGrady’s home in Fallon. After responding to a domestic abuse call, law enforcement noticed a heat-sealed bag of marijuana lying in open view, according to charging documents. McGrady told law enforcement that her boyfriend Faas had a medical marijuana card. Research showed that Faas’ medical marijuana card expired two years earlier, in March, 2009. 
The bag of marijuana was one pound. 
After obtaining a search warrant, further investigation of the home found another bag containing about 4 pounds of marijuana.
An omnibus hearing for McGrady was scheduled for Jan. 24, 2012. An omnibus hearing for Faas has yet to be scheduled.
Felony drug possession carries a maximum 5 year sentence and $50,000 fine. Felony possession with intent to distribute carries a maximum 20 year sentence and $50,000 fine.

Published Jan. 25, 2012

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