Fire precautions given in light of recent fire responses

  As area volunteer fire crews have responded to several recent fires in the past few weeks, Sheriff Bill Klunder is offering fire safety reminders.

“Be cautious of the fuels that are out there and the dry conditions,” Klunder said Tuesday afternoon. Klunder also noted that red flag conditions should be monitored and followed, with controlled burns left to a minimum at those times.
Before exercising a controlled burn, be sure to call the sheriff’s office, Klunder said, adding landowners can be held liable for fires that get out of hand, resulting in damage to neighboring lands or structures.
Crews responded to a April 3 fire that occurred 10 miles west of Terry on property owned by Richard and Patricia Harding. The 2:30 a.m. structure fire resulted in a total loss of a guesthouse that neighbored the couple’s home. Some damage was also done to the neighboring attached garage of the couple’s home and smoke damage to the home. Crews remained on the scene until about 4:30 p.m.
Crews responded to a fire north of Terry occurring on the Lee Eaton Ranch, where a large amount of round hay bales were lost. The fire started from a hay grinder.
Volunteer firemen were called out to property neighboring CB Route Road east of Fallon where Doug Buxbaum was performing a controlled burn. Due to windy and dry conditions crews remained on the scene to ensure the burn didn’t get out of control.

Published April 4, 2012
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