Trustee candidates share profiles

  Candidates running for a 3-year trustee seat at the May 8 election for the Prairie County Hospital District and the Terry School District were asked to submit responses to the Tribune’s brief survey. Their responses appear below as submitted, with minor, if any edits made.  

Prairie County Hospital District
1. Provide a brief introduction of yourself (background info., including work, family and any other information that you feel is relevant).
Charles Deisher: I am:  a retired Marine, a retired educator, currently serving on District II Alcohol & Drug Program of Montana Governance Board (4 years), Prairie County Hospital Board (6 years), and Glendive Medical  Center Board (5 months).  Happily married to Beverly, my first and very patient wife, for 35 years. We have three grown daughters Rula, Amanda and Sarah.
Michael Sterchi: I am a retired physician that puts me in a position to understand and address hospital issues and problems. As seen in a recent medical article, the hospital has a number of daunting financial and management problems that must be addressed. I feel my experience in health care will allow me to assist in their resolution. Public education as to the value of our hospital, establishing best management practices and enthusiastic recruitment of outside funds are all needed to continue support of our health care facility.
2. Explain why you want to serve as trustee and what you hope to  accomplish.
Deisher: I first ran because I was asked and someone has to hold such  positions. Since then I have gained some experience and can contribute in positive ways to the governance of our hospital, following the examples of those former board members who worked to keep our hospital going.
3. Share your thoughts on the current situation and future outlook of the hospital and how the board of trustees will work to address those issues.
Deisher: In the near term, through our affiliation with Glendive Medical Center, we are searching for another provider to help out Chip Mintz, PA-C, and the rest of our excellent staff.  In the mid term, to work with our administrator, Parker Powell, the Hospital Foundation and our community to renew the county tax levy in support of our hospital.  In the long term, there are serious boiler, hot water, fire sprinkler systems to be replaced and installed. Mr. Powell, the Hospital Board  along with the Hospital Foundation need to continue planning and looking for ways to provide for capital improvements.
Terry School District
1. Provide a brief introduction of yourself (background info., including work, family and any other information that you feel is relevant).
Allyson Capps: My name is Allyson (Ally) Capps. I have lived in Terry since January 2006.
My son Ryan Capps graduated in 2008 from Terry High School. I have been an active member of the Prairie Chamber of Commerce and the treasurer for 4 years. I’ve also been Recording Secretary for Sage Riders in Miles City since 2008 and have volunteered at the Prairie County Museum and worked with the Evelyn Cameron Heritage. I work well with others and believe in being a team player, but can also stand firm on issues I believe will be in the best interest of students, teachers and the superintendent. You have probably seen me at 4 Corners Convenience Store and/or Sassy One Clothing in the previous years. I have a small ranch south of Terry and raise paint and quarter horses. I show in the Eastern Montana, North Eastern Montana and Alberta, Canada circuits. I have recently become engaged to Tom Smith of Billings, Mont. Tom has two boys 9 and 11 that will be entering our school next year.
Kelly Hubbert: My name is Kelly Hubbert. I was born and raised in Terry.  After leaving Terry, I lived in Helena for 20 years.  My family and I moved back home in 2006 to be closer to family here in Eastern Montana. I am currently employed at Notbohm Motors in Miles City. My wife, Dulcy, and I have two children. Our daughter, Shawna, graduated from THS in 2007 and our son, DJ, is currently a junior at THS.
2. Explain why you want to serve as trustee and what you hope to  accomplish.
Capps: My goal for the school board position is to be involved and up to speed on our current student performance. With the possibility of new families entering Terry and more students entering the school there will be more diverse backgrounds.  I would like to be a part of the educational process of meeting these students needs. I feel that this is my way to stay involved and serve my community. Our students are the future of this community. I would be honored to serve the students, teachers, school board and community. Thank you for your consideration and please vote for Allyson Capps May 8th!
Hubbert:  2. In this world, there are the doers and the not doers. I have been one of the not doers and have decided to run for school trustee to give back to the community. Having graduated from THS and moving away to a bigger community and having children there, I now know how important our school is in Terry. In the bigger communities, it seems like the kids are just being pushed through the system and never get individual attention like they may need. This is not the case in Terry. Here in Terry, we are fortunate to have one of the best teaching and support staff out there. I would like to continue to make sure our kids have the best. An extremely important area for the well-being of the students at THS and what they get from their education here, is technology.  Current technology is crucial so keeping it up to date so that students have the knowledge to use modern technology is vital.  Today’s society and workforce depend on it.
Michael Sterchi: Over the last several years I have followed the progress and development of the Terry school system and have always been impressed by the staff and their dedication to the job. With two grandchildren going to school I have a keen interest in assisting with the direction of school issues. Co-operative and honest input is needed to address the needs of our children. 
3. Share your thoughts on the current situation and future outlook of the hospital and how the board of trustees will work to address those issues.
Hubbert: I feel we are going to have some problems in the near future due to the influx of people and families from our neighbors to the East. I believe we need to address housing issues for teaching staff. It is going to be difficult to hire folks they have no place to live in our community. I see this problem all the time in my current occupation and the housing question is one of the first ones that potential employees always ask. Another important issue is the potential increase in the number of students. A student increase would provide additional funding that would allow our schools to potentially purchase new equipment, complete necessary repairs that have been able to be accomplished and general upgrades to the school buildings themselves. 
Student safety is another priority.  Parents and the community want the school to be proactive and to take all the necessary measures to ensure a safe and positive learning environment.  The bottom line is that parents want to know that their child is safe at school.  With the board and superintendent addressing this issue and working together to make school is safe, parents will feel comfortable sending their children to Terry Schools.
It is important to me that the board work as a collaborative team along with the Superintendent to take all necessary measures to be fiscally responsible to the taxpayers. Being fiscally responsible is what the voters want.
It is extremely important that as a school trustee, that I serve the community and am accessible to the taxpayers.  As a board member, I will have an open mind and will listen to what the taxpayers have to say. I will focus on the most important things … the students and their success. I feel that education is very important and that everyone needs to work together for one common goal – student achievement and success.

Published April 25, 2012

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