Bouquets of daffodils offer more than hope of springtime warmth

By Kay Braddock
Spring weather is just around the corner. 
For those in Eastern Montana enduring another series of winter-like blizzards, that seasonal truth could employ the helpful reminders offered by a number of objects including… daffodils. 
Daffodils? Yes, that’s right. They may not be sprouting from the area’s snow-covered flower gardens, but they are appearing nonetheless.
  While the weather refuses to relent to the seasonal timeline, the yellow blossoms gracing the countertops of many downtown businesses have acted as a visible reminder that the weather is up for change, and soon. 
Thanks to the work of Jan Champion and Lora Lee Anderson, serving on behalf of the American Cancer Society, the décor of homes and businesses this past week have included bouquets of daffodils. 
As part of the American Cancer Society Daffodil Days, the mother and daughter pair received over 70 orders locally. Buyers, who placed orders weeks earlier, were asked to pick up their bouquets downtown last week. 
“They’re beautiful, especially this time of year,” Champion said of the flowers. Champion, who lives outside of Miles City, has delivered daffodils in Miles City for the organization  for the past three years. Some years have included up to 500 orders, she said. Champion has served for the American Cancer Society for over 15 years.
“We all have somebody that we’ve lost to cancer,” she said. Money raised through the Daffodil Days is used to help fund projects and services helping those fighting cancer. 
Some of the services include: transportation assistance to and from treatments, lodging for those having to travel long distances for treatment and online educational classes. 
Last year was the first time Anderson started taking orders in Terry for the American Cancer Society’s Daffodil Days. About 20 orders were received then.

The American Cancer Society’s Daffodil Days began in upstate New York in 1973 and has raised nearly $250 million since its inception, according to a fact sheet provided by the organization. 


Published April 1, 2009

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