Playing Terry High’s beat

Paula Rein, at top right, attracts the attention of fellow musicians Brooke
Gierke and Bailey Kortum during Tuesday evening’s practice session of
the All School Band.

 By Kay Johnson

A handful of Terry High’s alumni spent Tuesday evening not only honing in on their somewhat rusty musical skills, but polishing up on their school spirit as well.
Playing popular Pep Band songs like, the Go-Go’s “We got the beat,” and the Beach Boys “Barbra Ann,” along with the school’s theme song “On Wisconsin,” naturally provoked memories of Terry High’s sporting events for any loyal Terry Terrier listener  – despite a few off key notes.
It’s one of three rehearsals that music teacher and All School Band coordinator JoDee Hess hopes to get in before Saturday’s performances when the group of recently formed musicians, made up of former and current students, are scheduled to play.
“I’m excited about it,” Hess said. “I think it’ll be a fun time for all of us to get together.”
Although the initial reaction from almost everybody she talked to was positive when Hess first broached the idea of forming an All School Band to help commemorate the school’s 100th celebration of graduating classes, Hess admits finding volunteers willing to play publically has been a little challenging.
“That’s a cool idea,” Hess recalled a common response she received. But when it came to actually playing, many shied away from the prospect.
Currently 13 musicians have signed on to play. Most graduated from Terry High School. A few are relatives of those who have.  
Some current students will also play, “helping to fill in the spots,” Hess explained.
The All School Band will likely perform during Saturday afternoon’s ceremony at Murn Park. The group will also perform at the dedication of the Keith E. Gumm memorial sign near the school’s football field.

The 32-inch-by-8-foot LED sign recently attached to the school’s existing sign now displays a greeting inviting Terry’s alumni to weekend events. The sign came about through donations made in memory of longtime Terry High School science teacher and athletic supporter Keith Gumm who died April 17, 2010. The unveiling of the bottom portion of the sign will take place Saturday at 2 p.m.

Sign dedication will honor longtime teacher

A nearly $14,000 memorial project that took over two years to complete will be unveiled Saturday at 2 p.m. at the school’s football field. 
The memorial sign, honoring longtime high school science teacher and avid Terrier supporter Keith Gumm, includes a 32-inch-by-8-foot LED sign. Hanging below the school’s former sign, put in place in 2001 by the PAW booster club, the LED sign will allow school officials to display messages remotely – without the use of a ladder.
“It’s going to be a nicer touch for the school and a little safer for the students,” Terry Schools Superintendent Casey Klasna said.
Displaying messages in different shades of amber, using varying fonts and sizes, school officials will be able to type several community and school highlights from the high school office. 
The project’s realization is one way family and friends chose to honor Gumm, whose voice had become an iconic part of Terrier football as he announced nearly all of the school’s games in recent years.
“It’s definitely something that was near and dear to my dad’s heart,” Jason Gumm shared of his dad’s feelings towards Terrier football and Terrier sports in general.
It’s also one way donors were able to give back to the community.
The donations came about through the nearly $10,000 donated by Kiewit Infrastructure South Company’s Keith Sasich and Doug Glasar. About $4,000 came from former students and area friends of Gumm. 

Published July 25, 2012

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