Open class entry winners announced for county’s 75th annual fair

Department A: Livestock

Sweepstakes Winner: Layna Grue
Judge's Choice in Department A: Layna Grue (award sponsored by Prairie Co. Farm Bureau)
Outstanding Exhibits:
Horse - Halter Class: Anna Grue
Performance Class: Layna Grue
Trail Class: Shad Mack
Businessmen’s Specials:
Outstanding horse, performance, 11 years and younger (Nielsen's Paint and Quarter Horse):
Chay VanDyke
Outstanding horse, performance, 12 years and older (Nielsen's Paint and Quarter Horse):
Layna Grue
Department B: Agronomy
Sweepstakes Winner: Andy Pehl
Businessmen’s Specials: Best gallon winter wheat (Stockman Bank): Meredith Sackman
Department C: Horticulture
Sweepstakes Winner: Alice Miller
Outstanding Exhibits:
Vegetables: Carolyn May
Herbs: Meredith Sackman
Potatoes: Alice Miller
Fruit: Jim Reilly
Businessmen’s Specials:
Best Pumpkins: Harleigh Dion
Best Tomatoes (Hellman Insurance): Doug Rein
Largest Cabbage (Terry Service Center): Eileen Benjamin
Best Potato, Round Red type: Alice Miller
Department D: Floriculture
Sweepstakes winner: Norma Reilly
Judge's Choice in Departments B, C and D: Rita Teske (award sponsored by Prairie Co. Farm Bureau)
Outstanding Exhibits:
Floriculture: Norma Reilly
Arrangements: Carolyn May
Live Plants: Rita Teske
Businessmen's Specials:
Best assortment of bachelor buttons (Netzer Hardware): Linda Eaton
Best assortment of petunias (Netzer Hardware): Arlene Morast
Best stem of roses (Hellman Insurance): Winifred Harmel
Best African violet (Ama de Casa Homemakers in memory of Rose Moos): Rita Teske
Department E: Culinary
Sweepstakes winner: June Zody
Judge's Choice in Department E and F: Carolyn May (award sponsored by Prairie Co. Farm Bureau)
Outstanding Exhibits:
Breads: Adults: Lanette Graham
Cakes: Adults: Lucinda Plaistad
Cookies: Preschool – K: Abby Eaton
Grades 1-4: Codi Nagle
Grades 5-8: Courtney Nagle
Adult: Carolyn May
Cakes: Adults: June Zody
Candies: Adults: Carolyn May
Businessmen’s Special:
Best white bread (Get R Done Repair): Lanette Graham
Best white rolls, plain (Ama de Casa Homemakers): Carolyn May
Best raised donuts (Terry Service Center): Carolyn May
Best decorated cookies (Ama de Casa Homemakers in memory of Rose Moos): Carolyn May
Best banana bread (Cabin Creek Homemakers): Carrie Nagle
Department F: Canned Foods
Sweepstakes winners: Arlene Morast
Outstanding Exhibits:
Vegetables: Arlene Morast
Pickles: Linda Eaton
Canned Meat: Nancy Pehl
Canned Fruits: Arlene Morast
Jellies: Linda Eaton
Jams, Butters, etc: Lois Pfiefle
Businessmen’s Specials
Best jar of dill pickles (Hellman Insurance): Linda Eaton
Most appealing dried herbs (Ama de Casa Homemakers in memory of Rose Moos):
Alice Miller
Department G: Needlework
Sweepstakes winner: Jan Keltner
Judge's Choice in Department G: Eileen Nielsen (award sponsored by Prairie Co. Farm Bureau)
Outstanding Exhibits:
Sewing (Grades 1-4): Morganne VanDyke
Adults: Patty Trask
Handwork: (Grades 9-12): Ayla Brown
(Adults): Lorena Olson
Quilting (Grades 5-8): Jessica Loomis
(Grades 9-12) Deanna Loomis
(Adult): Eileen Nielsen
Misc. Handwork: (Adult): Jan Keltner
( 65 and Over): Jean Brown
Businessmen’s Specials:
Best ladies dress or suit (Netzer Hardware): Jan Keltner
Best overall garment made by pre-teen (Rittal Tax & Accounting): Anna Grue
Best overall garment made by teenager (Roy Rogers): Anna Grue
Best knitted sweater (HUB International Insurance): Jean Brown
Best overall crocheted or knitted afghan (Fallon Homemakers): Lorena Olson
Best overall crib quilt (Get R Done Repair): Krista Nemitz
Best overall quilt – over 65 (Terry Super Valu): Arlene Morast
Most original quilted table runner (Ama de Casa Homemakers in memory of Rose Moos): Jan Keltner
Best holiday wall hanging (Terry Super Valu): Jan Keltner
Best dish towels (Sassy One): June Zody
Department H: Arts, Crafts & Photography
Sweepstakes winner: Carolyn May
Judge's Choice in Department H: Mark Eayrs (award sponsored by Prairie Co. Farm Bureau)
Outstanding Exhibits:
Photography: (Grades 5-8): Valerie Greenfield
( Grades 9-12): Randee Shannon
( Adults): Eileen Terhaar
Enlargements: ( Adults): Piney Helmuth
Art & Crafts: (Preschool-K): Morganne VanDyke
(Grades 1-4): Chay VanDyke
(Grades 5-8): Valerie Greenfield
(Grades 9-12): Chantelle Follet
(Adults): Mark Eayrs
Pottery (Grades 1-4): Nathan Koppenhaver
(Grades 5-8): Kayla Koppenhaver
(Adults): Lou Hochhalter
Fun Corner: Ida Lacquement
Businessmen’s Specials:
Sky Formation, Colored (Doug's Photography) Kristy Shannon
Best Landscapes (Netzer Hardware): Carolyn May
Best Action Photo (Doug's Photography): Ayla Brown
Best Sunrise or Sunset (Hellman Insurance): Carolyn May
Best Study of a Child (Terry Tribune): Eileen Terhaar
Best Western Scene, Colored (Terry Tribune): Stephanie Eayrs
Best necklace (HUB International Insurance): Jerri Lacquement
Most Creative Scrapbook Layout ( Ash Creek Homemakers in memory of Rose Moos): Alice Miller
Best Carved and Tooled Item (Prairie Belles): Morris VanDyke
2012 Fair Exhibitor: Carolyn May

Published August 15, 2012

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