Stolen vehicles reported in the area

By Chaun Scott and Kay Johnson
Yellowstone Newspapers

      Rosebud County Sheriff Randy Allies reports fisherman called and reported to the Sheriff's Office that a pickup truck was in the river by the diversion dam in Forsyth.  
      When Rosebud County deputies arrived, they saw a 2012 Chevy Silverado in the water at the end of one of the boat ramps.
      "It appeared that someone put the vehicle in drive and let it drive off the ramp," said Allies.
      After pulling the vehicle from the river, deputies identified and contacted the owners of the vehicle as Border Steel Recycling from Glendive.  "The owners didn't know the vehicle was missing until we called them," said Allies.
      Two more vehicles were also reported stolen Tuesday morning according, to Allies.  One was stolen from a Terry resident and was found later that morning in Custer County along the Baker highway.  The other was a pickup that was stolen from Miles City.  It contained a credit card receipt left behind in the pickup showing credit card charges being made at the 4-Corners Convenience Store in Terry.  The stolen pickup was found at the stockyards outside Miles City.
      "It is unknown at this time if the three incidents are related; it is still under investigation," said Dawson County Undersheriff Rich Rowe.

Published Sept. 19, 2012 

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