Area projects to be planned

  Hiking trails and Cameron diaries will be among the topics discussed during Tuesday evening’s Prairie County Economic Development Council meeting. 

The group, set to meet at Terry Town Hall at 7 pm, will review the past year’s projects, along with outlining current plans to be pursued, according to EDC secretary Sharla Sackman.
EDC’s previous year’s projects include:  
a AmeriCorp Vista program 
Currently four vista are completing a one-year service in Terry. Two vistas are with the Prairie County Grazing District, while the other two vistas are individually working with the Evelyn Cameron Foundation and the Buffalo Rapids Irrigation District.
Vista, which stands for Volunteers in Service to America, is an AmeriCorps program which places college graduates to work for non-profit organizations or local government agencies. The nationwide program is dedicated to fighting poverty and helping communities develop lasting legacies.
EDC will be looking at other organizations who may be interested in acquiring vista volunteers for the upcoming year.
a Assisting with Wheels Across Montana’s Prairie history books
The EDC assisted with the second printing of the popular area history book, Wheels Across Montana’s Prairie, by serving as the fiscal agent handling the grant money that helped fund the project. The $2,400. project, led by Mary Haughian, Wynona Breen, Donna Faber and Robin Gerber, reprinted 100 copies of the book. A portion of the book’s proceeds will be set aside to reprint other historical books and will be used to benefit the Prairie County Museum.
a Transcribing Cameron diaries
The EDC has helped recruit volunteers to transcribe Evelyn Cameron diaries as well as providing financial assistance to the project, according to Sackman. The project is being headed up by Wynona Breen.
a Sub-committee Evelyn Cameron Foundation projects 
Working as a sub-committee of the EDC, the Evelyn Cameron Foundation has acquired the old Rialto Theater, as well as hosting the annual gala fundraising event. The foundation is currently working to establish its own non-profit status.
Upcoming projects will include the continuation of several of last year’s endeavors, Sackman noted, along with the EDC’s pursuit of establishing virtual hiking trails in Prairie County’s Wilderness Study Area.
Those interested in becoming involved with the EDC or who have project ideas are invited to attend the Tuesday evening meeting.
Published April 8
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