Box Tops check to benefit student programs

  Terry Schools recently received a check for $1,082.40 from Box Tops for Education. The money was deposited into the school’s “Accelerated Reader” account. Funds from this account help purchase reading incentive prizes, bring in visiting authors and artists and help fund the Missoula Children’s Theater. 

Each box top is worth 10 cents — which means teachers, students and community members saved and donated 10,824 box tops to Terry Schools. 
“We have been saving the boxtops for a long time in order to get a check of that size,” said first grade teacher Barb Sackman in an email to the Tribune. 
The school is continuing their efforts to collect boxtops, which can be found on General Mills products.
“We are very appreciative of all the community members who have been saving the boxtops for us,” Sackman said. “(We) encourage any and all to clip and save them for us.”
Boxtops can be dropped off at the Bolin School anytime. More information on the program can be found at

Published January 16, 2013

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