Ownership of Roy Rogers changes hands

John Epperson and Amelia Ruffi began working together managing
Roy Rogers Dec. 5, 2012, after John took over ownership of the bar
and dining establishment. As John continues to work his full-time job,
which requires travel, Amelia tends to the day-to-day management duties.

  It’s a new business venture that couple John Epperson and Amelia Ruffi agree is both overwhelming and rewarding.

“We’re learning as we go,” John said calmly with a smile. 
Describing his first month as the new owner of Terry’s Roy Rogers, John says he hopes to increase upon the qualities former owners Clinton and Phyllis Mittlieder have already established, while initiating a few of their own.
“We want to maintain the reputation of the pizzas,” Amelia added, noting Rogers’ longstanding status for serving popular pizza varieties.
Working as the day-to-day manager while John’s full-time work in the oil field service industry takes him outside of Terry, Amelia said she’s enjoying adding extra touches to the local iconic establishment that first opened its doors in 1949. 
Not ornate in nature, some of those changes have been as simple as adding new dinnerware and tablecloths. John noted two changes that have received the most positive feedback have included adding salads and a daily hot lunch special to the menu. 
It’s all part of enhancing upon a quality establishment, John said. 
John, who first came to Fallon 10 years ago from Casper, Wyo., has 40-plus years of experience in the oil field service industry and although his experience in bar ownership may be far less, his aspirations for Roy Rogers aren’t. They include creating a friendly place with a nice atmosphere that serves excellent quality food.
“We are very appreciative of the positive support and response we’ve gotten from the community,” John said. “It’s been amazing the good things we’ve heard from everybody.”
Amelia, who moved to Terry 12 years ago and has spent much of her time here working in the health care field as a certified nursing assistant, also points to the benefits of having employees work alongside the couple through the transition.
“(They’ve been) a great big help,” Amelia said. 
Roy Rogers employees include: Jackie Schumacher, Sherry Benjamin, Karen Rauch, Sadie Lindvig, Jared Davis, Art Henry, Tom Borowick, Andy Henry and Fran Fleckenstein.
“It’s fun,” Amelia added of the undertaking. “It’s overwhelming at times, but fun. It’s worth it.”

Published January 16, 2013

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