Calling all bridge players

Bridge card players are pictured clockwise from top left: Lucille Covert,
Jan Just, Ruth Lekse, Winnie Harmel; Table two: Darlane Pisk, Linda Strasheim,
Linda Koehler and Dorcas Lee.

By Kay Johnson            
             Besides a winning hand, local bridge card players are actively in pursuit of new blood — more players that is.

    “Once you play bridge, you’re always addicted,” said longtime bridge player Linda Koehler, as she described the game that she’s been playing since 1973. But she’s still a novice compared to some of her counterparts who have been playing 50-plus years together. Card players like Lucille Revell and Darlane Pisk have been overheard by other players reminiscing on their time playing bridge.
   At one point Terry’s bridge card clubs boasted couples’, men’s and women’s groups. Today’s numbers have dropped to two clubs — made up entirely of women. 
One group meets each Thursday afternoon at the Prairie Community Center, while another meets Monday nights. 
“There’s always us diehards,” Koehler said of the dozen or so women who have continued to meet weekly throughout the fall and winter months.
In an effort to attract new players, a Wednesday evening teaching lesson is being offered. Those interested in trying their hand at bridge are encouraged to meet at the Prairie Community Center Wednesday, Feb. 6 at 7 p.m. Couples, men and women of all ages are invited to attend.
Describing the game as a mixture between wrist and pinochle, Koehler explains the bidding that takes up much of the first part of each hand in bridge can get a little exciting.
“The bidding is at least half the game. That’s really the fun time,” she said.
And then there are those even rarer occasions, when the bridge games get even more wild — those times when points are exchanged for pennies. 
“If you spend 10 cents a night, you’ve had a really bad night,” Koehler said with a smile.
Published February 6, 2013
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