Krebsbach named acting CED for McCone County’s Farm Service Agency

Prairie County FSA staff will travel each Thursday to fill in at McCone Co. office

  The Prairie County Farm Service Agency Office is scheduled to be closed each Thursday until further notice.
        This closure is not due to any problem in Prairie County or the office. The Thursday closures will enable staff from Prairie County to travel to McCone County to assist with operations there.  

The McCone County office has and will suffer some setbacks due to personnel transfers and absences. 
Recently Sue Wittkopp accepted a County Operations Trainee (COT) position and is presently stationed in Prairie County for training. 
Upon completion of this training Sue will be eligible to apply for any County Executive Director (CED) position nationwide. The CED, Les Rispens transferred to Hill County and one of the remaining two Program Technicians (PT) will be absent in March on maternity leave. This leaves one part-time person to man the office for 2 or 3 months. 
McCone County has approximately seven times the amount of cropland acres as Prairie County so there is a very large workload. 
FSA has the same budget problems  as most other federal agencies and is unable to back fill most positions at this time. Tim Krebsbach, CED in Prairie County has been named Acting CED in McCone County which may last until early fall when the 2 COTs should complete their training. 
Connie Hjorth, Sue Wittkopp and Tim Krebsbach will go to Circle each Thursday with Sue and Tim going there each Tuesday also.
Especially during this period producers are asked to make appointments for signup, certification, CRP, etc. as it will be a busy time and you may have to wait. Appointments will take precedence over walk-ins.

Published February 20, 2013

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