Reporter visits Terry for radio show featuring county’s early history

  “S-a-a-a-d movies always make me cry”. Those lyrics, sung by Sue Thompson in a number one song from the late 50’s, reminds me of some tales being told about Terry and Prairie County’s history.  But if you come looking for sad stories, you picked the wrong place as residents of this sparsely populated county in Montana have more optimism than ever after suffering the boom and bust cycles in dry land farming, cattle ranching and oil for the last hundred or so years.

Sarah Gardner is the American Public Media reporter covering sustainability matters. She interviewed Carol Larsen, Eddie Gaub, Chris Ueland and Dale and Joan Brown. 
Eddie Gaub took her and Amy Dooe, the Marketplace Report producer, out to his family’s homestead near Fallon. He showed them one of the homes still sitting on the property originally used for dry land farming in the early 1900's. 
Gardner interviewed Chris Ueland at his Four Corners Convenience Store and Gas Station about his family’s pioneer days in Prairie County.  She had done her homework prior to visiting Terry on April 8 and 9, 2013 by reading Norm Clarke’s “Tracing Terry Trails” and Jonathan Raban’s “Bad Land”. 
The Marketplace Morning Report is a daily public radio program reaching 9 million people and views the world through the lenses of business, economics and finance. It is produced by American Public Media and can be heard Monday through Friday on KMEC 97.1 FM Billings from 6:50 a.m. to 7 a.m.  
The segment about Terry and Prairie County’s early days is scheduled for broadcast in June 2013.
Prior to her work at Marketplace, Sarah Gardner was a public radio freelancer in Los Angeles, a staff reporter for New Hampshire Public Radio, a commercial radio reporter in Massachusetts and an editor/reporter for a small town newspaper in Minnesota. Throughout her career she’s enjoyed those light bulb moments in interviews when she gets an unexpected answer that leads to a compelling news story. Gardner is the recipient of several awards including a Gerald Loeb Award for Distinguished Business and Finance Journalism (1997), an Alfred I. DuPont - Columbia University Award (1996-1997). Gardner attended Carleton College receiving a bachelor’s degree in religion and Columbia University where she received her master’s degree in journalism. A native of Waukesha, Wis., Gardner currently resides in Los Angeles.

Published April 17, 2013

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