Two gridders selected for six-man all-star game

By Sharilyn Kortum
Seniors Mike Poucher and Kyle Tusler will head to Custer, Montana the first week of June to prepare for the 13th Annual Montana Six-Man Football All Star Game. 
The two will be representing Terry and the Southern Division of this year’s six man football league. Their team, which will consist of players from the Eastern and Southern Divisions, will be coached by Hysham’s Coach Icopini. They will compete against the Western and North Division team.   
Not only are the All Stars chosen for their athletic abilities, there are other dynamics that factor in to being selected to the team. This game and the selection process has been based around getting quality student athletes who are good role models and are overall responsible people. The game focuses on giving the athletes and the spectators the best experience possible.  
Poucher and Tusler will fit the bill as both excel in academics and are active in the school program Big Champs where they help elementary kids gain confidence and self esteem. They also both compete in basketball and track. 
The boys will arrive in Custer on Tuesday, June 2 and will soon after begin their week of practice and preparation for the Saturday evening game. Upon arrival, the two will learn what position they will play. Not all of the boys play the same position they necessarily played on their high school team. 
This adds to the excitement of the game, especially for the players.
“It will be fun,” said Poucher, when asked about the game in general, noting many of the other players in the past have played all sorts of positions. 
Tusler added, “It’ll be exciting.”  He noted he is looking forward to having other All Star players on his team, rather than playing against them. 
The boys had to come up with $400.00 after choosing to accept the invitation to play in the All Star game. The money helps to cover expenses such as uniforms. They raised the money by selling advertisements for the game program. 

Mike Poucher is the son of Greg and the late Deb Poucher. Kyle Tusler is the son of Bill and Vicki Tusler. 

Published April 22, 2009 

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