And the rains came

        The results of heavy rainfall could be seen  throughout the county last week with streets brimming with water and area creeks and ditches running full. 

The Mildred area had 7.06 inches of rain through the month of May, according to Diane Ehman. Already June moisture for Mildred has added up to 1.15 inches. 
Similar moisture levels were reported in the Fallon Flat area with a total of 7.36 inches reported from mid-May through June 4, according to Brian Rakes.
Northside rancher Clint Grue estimated about 5 inches of moisture for May in his area with .06 seen in June.
  The May-June rainfalls have been warmly greeted by area producers in light of the near drought conditions that were beginning to settle in for the season. With plenty of moisture soaked in, consensus has been reached that sunny days are now in order.  

Published June 5, 2013       

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