Crowd pleasing action at Terry’s Fourth of July Rodeo

Jed Davison of Miles City, Calf Roping      Photos Courtesy Jana Hance

 Terry Roping Club Fourth of July Rodeo Winners

Sheep Milking ages 5-8
Corinne Cannen, Lewis Hanson, Bailey Coolahan
SheepTeepeeing ages 9-12
1st place: Avery Hansen, Hayes Hansen, Lewis Hansen
2nd place: Quanah Glade, Morgan Buckingham, Rye Coolahan
Barrel Race ages 5-8
1st place: Kendall Lange   time: 25.688
2nd place: Hayes Hansen  time: 25.982
3rd place: Corinne Cannen  time: 28.886
Goat Tail tying with Horse ages 5-8
1st place: Morgan Buckingham time: 16.45
2nd place: Hayes Hansen time: 17.01
3rd place: Corinne Cannen time: 21.63
Goat Tying with Horse ages 9-12
1st place: Kayden York time: 25.00
2nd place: Riley Buffington time: 28.19
3rd place: DJ Schieder time: 40.32
Flag Race ages 5-8
1st place: Hayes Hansen  time: 11.498
2nd place: Kendal Lange time: 14.857
3rd place: Bailey Coolahan time: 23.800
Flag Race ages 9-12
1st place: Avery Hansen time: 9.475
2nd place: Quanah Glade time: 9.672
3rd place Kayden York time: 10.361

Josh Kantrude of Vida

Barrel Race ages 9-12

1st place: Rye Coolahan time: 19.094
2nd place: Riley Buffington time: 19.471
3rd place: Quanah Glade time: 22.371 
Tie Down Roping
1st place: Nathan Foulger time: 11.70
2nd place: Jed Davison time: 12.40
3rd place: Jess Medearis time: 14.30
4th place: Jake Doddard time: 14.59
Old Timer’s Ribbon Roping
1st place: Jim Howell/nathan Howell time: 21.09
2nd place: Cotton Moore/ Angie Lockwood time: 30.42
3rd place: caseyDey/ Ashley Dey time: 39.32
Stock Saddle Bronc
1st place: Tyler Sherman  score: 71
2nd place: Jordan Oian Score: 69
3rd and 4th place tie: Cody Hansen and Tylor Hoatson score: 67
5th place tie: Kelly Holmquist and Evan Haughian score: 66
Bull Riding
1st place: Jess Lockwood score: 72
2nd place: Connor Murnion score: 68
Team Roping - 63 teams
1st place: Kenny Lowe and John Graham time: 5.62
2nd place: Al Knight and Guy Howell time: 5.69
3rd place: Craig Miller and Jom Howell time: 6.03
4th place: Wrye Williams and Lane Krutzfeldt time: 6.20
5th place: Clay Negaard and Dustin Negaard time: 6.42
6th place: Justin Langely and T.W. Kinchloe time: 6.78
Saddle Bronc Riding
1st place: Dalton Peterson score: 67
2nd place: T. J. Green score: 60
3rd place: Trevor Vaira score: 54

Justinn Marshall of Saco, Breakaway

Ladies Breakaway
1st place: Justin Marshal time: 3.05
2nd place: Kenzie Bullel time: 12.12
3rd place: Ava Rankin time: 12.70
th place: Michelle Wittkopp time: 13.01
Ladies Barrel Racing
1st place: Devynn Schillinger time: 17.240
2nd place: Brooke Howell time: 17.726
3rd place: Lori Olney time: 17.847
4th place: Ashley Rainey time: 17.959
5th place: Alexis Shipp time: 18.013
Youth Breakaway
1st place: Ila Rankin time: 3.62
Nathan Howell time: 9.29
Steer Wrestling
1st place: Logan Wier time: 19.34
2nd place: Wrye Willians time: 30.51 

Published July 10, 2013

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