Coach: Football lineup looks strong for 2013 season

Coach Greg Mendenhall

      The Terrier football season is getting underway this week and we have great confidence in our abilities.  The season is pretty much all new.  We graduated six players last year and most of them were starters so we really are a fresh team. We have two players who got some starts last year returning.  

Senior Tyler Sackman played at an offensive end and on the line for our defense. This year he is being asked to stretch his role to include some fullback and defensive back. He has the speed and size to help us out a lot in those positions. That is a really big change for him but he is learning his part and will be ready for game day.  
Junior Kyle Lassle is the other returning player who had some defensive starts last year.  He played quarterback and a linebacker last year for us; this year he will still fill those roles, but we have asked him to play tailback.  His quickness is sure to aide in Terrier victories. 
We have a few other players returning that are sure to get noticed this season. We have four juniors returning this year. Jordan Lassle played center and linebacker for us last year.  He put in a lot of work in the off season and will play fullback for us this season along with middle linebacker. The strength and size he has gained will give us a good inside running game. Brady Strasheim has picked up receiver and center duties on offense. He has a particular height advantage that I know we will be using.  His tough play on the defensive line will stuff runs and bat down passes.  Rounding out the juniors is Austin Kountz.  This is Austin’s second year of football and he is really making great improvements.  He is a solid defensive lineman who we are happy to have on the team. His ability to hit the gaps will get us good penetration into the backfield to blow up plays on the opponent.
Almost half the team is sophomores. We have seven in that group and each one brings a good skill set to the field.  Lane Stickel will be playing quarterback and safety this year.  Lane is what you have to call a “shifty” quarterback.  He has a good view of the field and is a strong tackler. Austin Smith is able to play center, and defensive line. His aggression on defense will be a help throughout the season. Austin can really push through defenders to make plays happen.  
        Tryston Seteren is a wild man on defense, he is starting to frustrate the upperclassman with his constant effort on the field. Trevin Schroeber plays tailback and a linebacker.  He has good sense when running the ball and is fast on the break-away runs. Zak Gierke plays center and end, Zak is able to catch almost anything that is thrown his way. With good hands like that he is sure to help the passing game. Travis Shannon brings a lot of determination to the field.  He fills in where needed, and last year had two receiving touchdowns for the JV squad.  Connor Self, he loves football, this is his first year out and I can see it will not be his last.  Connor has size and is quick; he will be playing end, fullback and defensive line. I know with his developing skill he will make a big impression on opponents this year.
We have three freshman that are contributing to the team.  Justin Kinn is learning quarterback and defensive back.  He is picking up the game quickly and has a bright future here.  Dylan McCulley plays tailback and safety, his speed and coachablity are great to have.  Dylan’s technical skill is increasing every practice.  Colt Carpenter is new to our school and new to sports.  Colt has been picking up the base skills needed to be a good Terrier football player.  It is a steep learning curve, but I know that he can do it if he wants to.  I look forward to watching his skills grow each practice. 
Terriers first home game will be Saturday, Sept. 6 at 1 p.m.

Published September 4, 2013


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