JV squad shows endurance in win over Mustangs

Coach Greg Mendenhall

  On Tuesday, September 3rd the Terry Terriers junior varsity squad had their season opener verses the Jordan Mustangs.  

Wow, what a game is all I can say about that.   The Terriers came out looking sharp and hitting hard. 
The first half saw the Terriers up 21 to 12 with the Mustangs getting worn down on the field. It seemed that the Terriers had them on the run.  Coming out in the second half the Mustangs had recovered some and played tough football, even running back a kick as the third quarter came to an end.  
The Terriers had outscored them again in the third and were up by 3 scores now.  
That was the actual end of the game, the Terriers and the Mustangs had both given all the energy that they had in them in the first three quarters.  
We kept playing for the fourth quarter, both sides trying to get their players rotated so they could win, but the near 100 degree heat and the intensity of the game had sapped the strength of both sides.  Nobody quit, they all kept at it and the Terriers came out on top 58 to 46.  
My hat’s off to both teams for a game well played.  
A notable stat is the 404 yards passing the Terriers managed for the game.  I have to say that we played some hard hitting football and dug deep to finish the game, I’m proud of my Terriers.

Published September 11, 2013

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