Terriers drop ball to Warriors

Coach Greg Mendenhall

  The Terry Terriers took to the field once again last Saturday at home against the Savage Warriors, but alas the results were not what they had hoped for.  The day started and ended with a terminal case of fumblies. When a team has 14 fumbles in a game it really makes it hard to run an offense.  The end result was an 18 to 64 Terrier loss.

This is not however the whole story.  Even with the problems handling the ball the Terriers managed some great plays and 3 touchdowns.  
The Terriers were able to move the ball and were only down 2 points (18-20) at the half.  
A heavy rain in the second quarter allowed the Terriers to out score the Warriors and close the gap on the 6 to 14 scoring from the first quarter. 
The second quarter was the end of Terrier scoring — fumbles and injuries were the hallmark of the second half.  Scoring for the Terriers off of Lane Stickel passes: Tyler Sackman, Kyle Lassle  and Trevin Schroeber each had one touchdown.
The defense did a wonderful job keeping us in the game.  They spent a lot of time on the field and often with a very short field to defend. The Terriers were able to hold the Warriors to 32 points for the first 3 quarters. 
A very good performance in 6-man when they had to spend so much time on the field.  Defense was as follows: Lane Stickel with 11 tackles, 1 fumble recovery; Tyler Sackman with 9 tackles, 1 fumble recovery; Jordan Lassle with 8 tackles, 3 fumble recoveries; Kyle Lassle with 8 tackles 2 fumble recoveries; Brady Strasheim with 4 tackles, 1 fumble recovery; Austin Kountz with 4 tackles; Dylan McCulley with 3 tackles, 1 interception; Trevin Schroeber with 1 tackle, 1 fumble recovery; and Justin Kinn with 1 tackle, 1 fumble recovery.
The Terriers will be working hard all this week to patch the holes in our game.  We will be ready to head to Lambert this weekend and play some good tough Terrier football.
Published Sept. 18, 2013
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