Going the distance

Katelynn Mendenhall leads a pack of girls at the Colstrip meet.

Terry Schools begins Cross Country program 

The Terry High School cross country team competed in Colstrip on Saturday, September 21 — their fifth meet of the season. 

A new program for Terry Schools, the cross country team includes senior Caitlin Lantis and sophomore Katelynn Mendenhall, along with volunteer coach Leann Lantis, who had nothing but praises for the two girls taking on the sport.
“Both of these girls have demonstrated a strong determination and will,” Lantis said.
This is Caitlin Lantis’ fourth year in cross country and Mendenhall’s first. 
While competing in cross country, Mendenhall is also involved in the volleyball program as well. Although both are fall sports, so far, Mendenhall has only missed one cross country meet held in Billings, due to scheduling conflicts.
“Katelynn’s ability to transition between the two sports is admirable,” Lantis said. “She’s a very determined athlete and trains hard.”
In previous years, Terry Schools’ co-oped with Dawson County High School in the sport, but Terry Schools found it more cost-effective to begin the program on their own, Lantis said, stressing her work with the team is done on a strictly volunteer basis.
Some season accomplishments for the girls includes Caitlin Lantis placing fourth at a meet in Hardin, while Mendenhall placed 38th with 70 plus girls competing. Their first meet was in Poplar, August 31 where Lantis placed 2nd and Mendenhall placed 15th. The second meet was held in Glendive, Sept. 7, where Lantis placed third and Mendenhall finished 16th, followed by a meet in Billings with Lantis placing 11th with 140 girls competing.  

Caitlin Lantis competes at the Hardin meet.
         The cross country season will include five more meets, including the Oct. 26 All Class State meet in Missoula.
The next cross country meet will be at St. Labre, Sept. 28.   
Published Sept. 25, 2013
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