Artist displays his crowbar work

Artist Bob Watts showcased his ability to create wildlife
and scenic imagery using a crowbar instead of a paint brush
during his visit to Terry over the weekend. His work was on display
in the back room of the Roy Rogers Tavern from Thursday through
Sunday. Watts, who also goes by the handle “Crowbar Man” hopes to
make another visit to Terry before Christmas.

By Kay Johnson
        With a twist here and a stroke there artist Bob Watts gracefully maneuvers his, ... um, ah ... crowbar ... to create idyllic images of Montana’s scenery. Yes, that’s right it’s a crowbar he uses, rather than a paint brush, and it’s something he says he began using about 45 years ago.

“It brings attention, because it’s something different,” Watts explained.
Watts recalled first using a crowbar while exhibiting his work at the Kirkwood Mall in Bismarck, N.D. 
After three very slow days of showcasing his work, among other attractions in the mall, Watts realized he needed an attention-grabber to draw in the crowds. After some brainstorming, Watts took a crowbar with him to the mall the next day.
The response was immediate. The crowds gathered and the paintings began selling.
Watts moved back to Forsyth in 2000 and says interest in his work has renewed in the past year thanks to a full-color spread by the Rural Montana magazine published in February, followed by the PBS documentary show “Back Roads of Montana,” which featured his work in May.
Along with the crowbar creations, Watts’ work also includes seven murals in the town of Forsyth.

Published October 16, 2013

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