Learning and doing random acts of kindness

About 35 students helped rake and bag leaves Wednesday afternoon at
this McDonald Ave., home. Pictured below: Fifth grader Wynter Fahrnow gives
a thumbs up sign as she and Kylah Holt and Rylee Klasna bag leaves.

Students attending this year’s Terry Schools After School Program have been taking part in  “Random Acts of Kindness” projects. The students will be taking part in big and little projects throughout the school year, according to the program’s coordinator Brooke Gierke.

Last week’s project included raking and bagging up leaves at the Walt and Betty Stepper residence located on McDonald Avenue. It was one of several projects the students have already taken part in this first quarter of school.

“We’re doing projects here and there,” Gierke said. 
Some of those assignments have included offering a plate of free baked cookies at home volleyball games as well as decorating sidewalks along store fronts with friendly messages using chalk art.
The idea is to teach students that random acts of kindness can be as simple as opening a door for someone or saying something kind, to as big as cleaning up a neighbor’s yard.

Second grader Dalya Johnson rakes leaves into a bag

Students have been providing ideas for random acts of kindness in a suggestion box located in the classroom they meet in after school. Simple ideas, big ideas and even a fundraiser for Terry are in the works, according to Gierke, thanks to the creative ideas of the students attending the program. 

Published October 30, 2013

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