The up and down views of today’s news

Thumbs up The Young Thespians acting club at Terry Schools is officially underway. For the second year in a row, this young group of actors, under the leadership of Tammi Prete, Stephanie Holt and Linda Bruski are setting out to entertain family and friends with three performance dates already scheduled. Those dates are: Dec. 21, Jan. 25 and Feb. 29. The group of students are meeting two times a week. If last year’s performances are any indication of this year’s — those planning to attend won’t be disappointed. And if those dates aren’t  already marked on your calendars, maybe they should be! 

Thumbs up  The 4-Corners Convenience store is under new ownership. Waylon and Leann Lantis are now at the helm of the popular gas station, which has been managed for the past seven years by former owners Chris and Glenda Ueland. What may have come as a surprise to the rest of us, now seems like a logical transition. The Uelands saw traffic increase at the gas station due to the completed paving project of Highway 253 as well as the addition of 24-hour gas pumps to the station. With an easy and friendly transition of ownership, it’ll be exciting to watch as the new owners take on their latest business venture. 
Thumbs down The flawed rollout of the Affordable Care Act by the current administration appears to signal a mark of providence — bringing to light the poor management that lies ahead in the implementation of a federal health care system. Online glitches to the health care Web site will only be the beginning for a law that includes such unpopular ideas as imposing fines to individuals who don’t obtain health insurance. When reliance sets in to trust a government agency to care for private healthcare needs,  a different kind of healthcare mentality could easily set in — one resembling a Dr. Kevorkian-type paradigm.

Published November 20, 2013

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