Gas station under new ownership

 New owner Leann Lantis, handing change back to customer Chay Larsen,
now works the morning shift at the 4-Corners Convenience store.

After stepping down the end of October from her nine-year post as the business office manager for Prairie Community Hospital, it didn’t take long for Leann Lantis to find another profession — this time one that would involve the entire Lantis family — in one fashion or another. 

Waylon and Leann Lantis officially became the new owners of the 4-Corners Convenience Store November 8. 
It’s a transition former owners Chris and Glenda Ueland recalled started off as light-hearted ribbing, with Leann teasing Chris about when he was going to sell the business. The conversations between the two couples became more serious in recent weeks.
“I’d just been thinking about it for awhile,” Chris said. “And the opportunity just came.”
The Uelands have owned the popular gas station that sits at the northeast corner of Terry along Spring Street and Highway 253 for the past seven years. Prior to that their son-in-law and daughter Allen and Brooke Gierke owned the gas station for seven years as well.
“We’re excited for Leann and Waylon,” said Glenda, who also owns and manages a clothing store in downtown Terry.
With the 4-Corners’ 5:30 a.m. daily opening time, Chris admitted he is looking forward to later mornings at home and taking on more domicile and family projects, although he acknowledges he’ll miss his visits with the morning coffee crews.
“We’re really grateful for the community support we’ve received over the years,” he added.

The transition of ownership took place
earlier this month between Waylon and
Leann Lantis and Chris and Glenda Ueland.


For the Lantis’ part, they intend to keep the operation running in the same manner it has been — maybe with one small exception.
“The first big change will be taking down the Dallas Cowboy flag,” Leann said only half-jokingly, referring to the NFL football team’s flag that hangs on the south wall of the store. 
Well known for her passionate support of the Denver Broncos, which almost equals her backing of Terrier sports, Leann said the inside colors of the station will likely be taking on a different hue.
“We plan on putting up some throw-back pictures of THS Terrier sports,” Leann said, noting Bronco memorabilia will also be included in the mix.
Other changes have consisted of adding a Japanese noodles dish to the menu items for sale. A popular dish made by Miki Lantis, Waylon’s mom, the bowlful of noodles is now shelved in a westend cooler of the store.
Gas station personnel Brenda Green and Allen Gierke will remain the same.  Leann noted the older Lantis children will also soon be working at the station. The couple’s oldest son, Layne, who is currently attending Montana State University-Billings, will likely be coming home for summer work at the station. Their daughter Caitlin, a senior at Terry High School, will also be working some shifts at the station. The couple’s children also include 12-year-old Laiten and 19-month-old Caelon.
Waylon will continue his 22-year career with BNSF Railway and also plans on working shifts at the station as well, Leann noted. Chris Ueland will likely remain a familiar face at the station for awhile too, helping out when needed.

Published November 20, 2013

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