Letter of reprimand sparks union complaint

  The Terry School Board’s decision to deny a request to remove a letter of reprimand from a teacher’s file has led to an appeal for arbitration by the Terry Teachers Association.

Calling the move to place a letter of reprimand within the teacher’s file, “an overreaction” MEA-MFT East Field Consultant Maggie Copeland said the union hopes to have the matter resolved before going in front of a state hearing officer.
A letter of reprimand was given to a Terry Schools teacher during the 2013-14 school year for violating board policy. After a grievance was filed by TTA requesting the letter be removed, the board unanimously denied the request during closed session of a December 19 regular meeting.
No explanation was given as to what board policy was violated by the teacher, according to Copeland.
        Offering little information on the details of the case, due to right-of-privacy issues for school personnel issues, board chairman Brian Morast clarified that the type of misconduct did not involve student safety.
The board will address the matter Wednesday evening during a special meeting open to the public. Morast said the teacher will not be identified during the meeting’s discussion, but that board will be deciding on what action to take following the TTA’s filing for arbitration.

January 8, 2014

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