2013: Year in Review ... through photos

      2013 saw plenty of changes within Prairie County. Improvement projects included millings laid to several streets in Terry, a chamber of commerce sign placed along Spring Street attracting visitors to stop downtown and a new snowplow purchased for the county airport, funded largely through federal grants. 

     Other changes included the transition of ownership at popular businesses like Terry’s Roy Rogers Tavern and the 4-Corners Convenience store. Prairie Community Hospital lost administrator Parker Powell, but added PA-C Royce Snapp to their medical team early in the year. Several personnel changes included a  new town attorney and county sheriff along with a new community center director. 


      But it wasn’t all about changes, as time-honored events like Terry Yippee! were celebrated, along with Fallon’s ever popular Harvest Festival, with the year concluding in holiday festive style with the chamber’s Terrific Tuesdays. 


     Although controversial issues surrounding the town council’s zoning and growth policy projects filled much of the Tribune’s news and opinion pages, plenty of feel good stories did as well. Those included Elaine Roos celebrating her 102 birthday in May, the Prairie County Sportsmen Association hosting their annual fishing day in June and Fallon demonstrating their ‘lending a hand when needed’ spirit in July by cleaning up the debris left from strong wind storms. Other feel good stories included Lance Kalfell promoting the area’s history in his book collaboration with Michael Bugenstein and sheepherder Les Thomason gracing the front page as he drove his herd along Laundre Street through Terry. 

     Although only snippets of the happenings of our community, the photos and captions on pages 1 and 12 illustrate there is still plenty going on in the little town resting below the badlands.

Photos from left to right: Dressed in the regalia of the early 1900’s, teenagers Valerie Greenfield and Ann Grue walk along Laundre Street on their way to the Prairie County Museum. They were among those participating in the Yippee Memories Tour which highlighted the historic frontier of Terry’s downtown to a gathering of about 50 people. Area crops were battered during July hailstorms, denoted by this golf ball-plus size hailstone. Library activities continued to thrive during 2013, as seen in this photo where Custer County Art & Heritage Center’s Jordan Pehler helps youngster Nathan Koppenhaver round out the edges of his clay pot project during a June activity. Significant damage was caused by a July 8 windstorm that included estimated 95-100 mile per hour wind gusts. Among damages seen were the tattered remains of the wooden 1952 theater screen.

Jim Ross talks zoning with town council during a March 19
meeting on the subject.

 The long-awaited completion of the fish screen project took place in
June when Buffalo Rapids District II installed the two huge metal structures,
each weighing 10 tons, at the Shirley pumping plant. 

Elaine Roos holds up a card signed by
many in the community wishing her a happy 102nd birthday.

Published January 8, 2014

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