Pool applications arriving, more needed, council says

By Kay Braddock        
        Terry’s Murn Park swimming pool is in better shape to open in June as two applications for lifeguard positions have been received and two more are waiting to be returned. Town clerk Caryn Rein informed councilmen of the recent developments during Tuesday evening’s town council meeting. 

Noting increasing costs and fewer lifeguard applications each year, as well as fewer children attending the pool, council members have discussed at recent meetings Terry’s viability of keeping the pool open. The council opted to wait on purchasing chemicals for the pool at the April meeting to see whether any applications for pool positions would be received.
“I think we can go ahead and order the chemicals,” councilman Tom Pisk said after hearing Rein’s report.
A position for pool manager remains open. 
Council members will meet in a special meeting in the next two weeks to approve lifeguard positions and will also approve the pool manager position.
New lifeguards will attend training classes the first week in June in Baker.
Parking lot paving project approved
Council members voted unanimously for a paving construction project on Terry’s Town Hall and Fire Hall parking lot. 
Prince Inc will complete the project at or below $20,000, according to Mayor Marvin Varner. 
“That’s the maximum that they will charge us,” Varner said, explaining the cost will be based on an hourly rate and price of materials.  
The paving project, located on the west end of Terry Town Hall will extend to the alley and to the streets on both the west and north ends, taking out portions of existing sidewalks. 
Prince, Inc. is scheduled to begin a paving project on Interstate-94 later this month and will likely begin the town hall paving project during that time frame. 
“Hopefully it won’t be much more than a week,” Varner told council members of the project’s duration. 
Council opposes renting town equipment
Council members unanimously opposed renting town equipment to individuals. The matter was brought up after town maintenance worker Art Tyler asked for clarification on guidelines for use of town-owned equipment. Tyler had been approached recently on the availability of renting the town’s bucket truck.   Fallon has used town equipment previously for community projects, Varner said, with a town employee running the equipment, but questioned the idea of renting the equipment to individuals. 
“We don’t have enough time to get our own things done,” councilman Elden Netzer said, adding, “I don’t think we want to get into that.”
Town prepares for clean-up day
School children will be scouring the streets and public lots of Terry during the town-wide clean-up day set for Friday, May 15. Individuals and businesses are encouraged to take part in the daylong spring-cleaning community project.
Also included will be a white ware pick-up service. Individuals wanting to dispose of old refrigerators, freezers and other white ware are asked to call Terry Town Hall to be put on a list. Volunteers will pick up the items on May 15 only. 
Recycling discussed
The recent closure of Glendive’s Yellowstone Recycling has brought an end to Terry’s newspaper recycling trailer that was once located behind Forcella Custom Meats. 
Yellowstone Recycling discontinued the recycling service due to expenses, according to recent news accounts. 
Varner, who recently attended a statewide recycling meeting in Great Falls, listed potential plans Terry could use for future recycling projects.  Noting distance and the costs involved in hauling recycled materials is the biggest hurdle for many eastern Montana communities, Varner suggested Terry could begin hauling recycled materials to Miles City’s Eastern Montana Industries.
“There are grants available for getting equipment,” Varner told council members of the proposed recycling project. “Is it feasible for Terry?” He asked, noting, “You need total cooperation from your community.” 
Currently no newspapers or other recycled materials are being collected.
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