First graders celebrate 100 days

The first grade class were among Bolin School students celebrating a
100 days of school on Thursday. Besides dressing up as centenarians,
first graders commemorated the special day by reading 100 pages, reading
and writing 100 words, sorting and measureing 100 pennies. At the end of the
day the class also enjoyed a 100th day trail mix, with each student contributing
100 food items to the mix, reports first grade teacher Rita Pehl. Students pictured donning their 100-year-old attire are: (back row l to r) Meredith Sackman, Will Taylor, Levi Eaton, Hatty Eaton, Kaelin Jackson, Kiera Chaska; (front row l to r) Eivand Undem, Jonathon Mendenhall, Josiaha Bearley, Emily Tregidga and Abby Eaton.

Published February 5, 2014

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