FCCLA students promote recycling as part of state project

Sophomore Trevin Schroeber stands among the recycling bins.

Zak Gierke, Trevin Schroeber and Lane Stickel are currently working on a project to reduce the amount of littering and increase the amount of recycling. 

They have recently placed recycling bins around Terry High School classrooms for paper. There is also a plastic and aluminum can bin in the lobby. 
The boys also conducted a survey that was taken by every student in the high school. They used these results as a way to help them determine the need for a recycling campaign. 
They would like to promote recycling around town by placing posters and brochures in local businesses. In return they hope that this will result in more recycling. 
State FCCLA is in Billings from March 23-25 where they will present their project in hopes of advancing to nationals in San Antonio, Texas.

Published March 19, 2014

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