Prairie County Homemakers’ traveling trophy?


     Stefanie Forcella has found herself in the possession of a puzzle piece. Well, it’s not literally a brainteaser in the shape of a jigsaw, but rather its form takes on the likes of a trophy — and not just any trophy, mind you. This is a Prairie County Homemaker of the Year Trophy, as it clearly states in the cup’s base gold plate.

     “The interesting part is who gave it to me,” Forcella said, as she unwinds the unlikely pairing of a wrestling match and a homemaker trophy.
     About four weeks ago at an AAU/USAW wrestling tournament Jory Casterline, Glasgow’s head wrestling coach, approached Forcella and asked if she was from Prairie County. After affirming that she was, Casterline explained how an unusual piece of metal ended up in a box in the back of his pickup as wrestling supplies were being packed into his vehicle after a tournament last year. 
Casterline gave the trophy to Forcella last week at a wrestling convention in Butte.
   “It must be a traveling trophy and the only name and year on it is Annie O’Neil 1974,” Forcella said, quite literally puzzled.          
     Forcella said she’s interested in getting to the bottom of this mystery and is hoping others in the community will be able to answer the who, what, where, when, why and how questions of this trophy.
Anyone with clues, is encouraged to contact Forcella with more information and quite possibly this story will include a resolved sequel.

Published May 7, 2014
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