Family drops religious discrimination charge against school

        A religious discrimination charge filed against the Terry School District has been dropped. The Springer family notified the Hearings Bureau at the April 21, 2014 hearing of their intention to dismiss the charge.  

Although the charge has been dropped by the family, the Hearings Bureau has until May 27, 2014 to redesignate the charge in this case as a commissioner complaint. 
Shawn Springer filed the complaint September 21, 2012 with the Montana Human Rights Bureau on behalf of her son, who was enrolled as a student at Terry High School. 
The family moved from the Terry area at the start of the 2012-13 school year.
Terry School Superintendent Casey Klasna expressed relief and continued support for the school and staff.
“It’s been a long year and a half of dealing with this,” Klasna said. “It created a lot of stress, with just not only me, but the kids and staff.” 
Noting the amount of time it took to fight the allegations, Klasna expressed some frustration as to the number of times the hearing was scheduled and rescheduled before finally being dropped. The hearing was first scheduled to take place in August, 2013, then in November 2013, with the final hearing set for last month. Requests to reschedule the hearings were made by the Springer family.
“I’m glad it’s coming to a close,” Klasna said. “I’m glad it was dropped.” 

Published May 7, 2014

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