Legacy reaches beyond repairing pool

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      Since the inception of the Save Our Pool committee the Terry Tribune has dedicated its resources, time and coverage to helping the group of volunteers with the commendable effort of keeping the Terry Swimming Pool open. From a multitude of front-page stories, including promoting the donation cans placed throughout town to the two stories promoting the Kids Summer Fest (May 28 and June 11), the Terry Tribune has shown its willingness to work hand in hand with the Save Our Pool committee.


     Suzanne Revell, working with the Save Our Pool committee, spent hours in the Tribune office pouring over Tribune archives to gather a historical account of the Terry Swimming Pool. She was given a quiet space and all the time she needed to undergo this worthy project. The Tribune was graciously given permission to include Revell’s historical piece on the pool in its Down Memory Lane column — which it did in its April 30th issue.




     Every picture and story regarding the Save Our Pool campaign that has been submitted has been included in the Terry Tribune. Stories have been authored and pictures have been taken covering the Save Our Pool campaign.





     The Tribune has supported the efforts of the Save Our Pool committee in every aspect requested and will continue to do so.

     Working together the Save Our Pool campaign will continue to be a successful endeavor — as it includes all parties within our small community. Misguided and unfounded attacks made in public forums by some within the committee only hurt the cause we all want to see successfully happen — a legacy of the Terry Swimming Pool continuing on for our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, as it did for so many of us.




     A small town newspaper relies on the help of its community members to cover local events. The Terry Tribune has welcomed and will continue to welcome the submissions of pictures, stats and stories from organizations like the Prairie County Sportsmen Association, Chamber of Commerce, 4H Council, Terry Schools, Fair Board and others including coaches, parents, pastors and various community leaders — all who are willing to work together to ensure local events are covered.

     As a community we are stronger working together than we are tearing each other apart. It’s a good time to set aside our differences and move forward with the task at hand, for the betterment of all in Terry and Prairie County.

Published June 25, 2014

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