Ag equipment and beef donations help Special K Ranch

       Special K Ranch is seeking much needed equipment for its farming/ranching operation. Over the years, Special K has had many wonderful donations of equipment for farming and livestock but now that equipment is well past its useful age and condition. We desperately need: a tractor with loader that will handle large hay bales and farming requirements of plowing and tending a vibrant alfalfa crop; a mower/conditioner in good operating condition; either a skid steer or loader/backhoe in good useable condition. As Special K resident numbers continue to increase so does the vocational programs which require more equipment to make them possible.

     Also, livestock producers interested in becoming a part of the Special K “Steer a Year” club are encouraged to do so. Most of the beef Special K homes consume each year is donated by one or two gracious supporters but our consuption far exceeds our production and/or donations. Partnering with us in the “Steer a Year” program helps Special K to feed residents a tasty, diverse diet throughout the year.

      Special K Ranch provides family oriented Christian homes, on a working ranch for adults who have developmental disabilities. Although unaffiliated, the program has a strong Christian emphasis in philosophy and practice.  Special K Ranch is located on 230 acres, 10 miles West of Park City and 8 miles East of Columbus, Montana.

      For those interested in helping please call Special K at (406) 322-5520 and ask for Marvin.

Published July 30, 2014

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