Girls softball team begins

  A Terry girls A league softball team has been organized by seventeen-year-old Lana Hoagland. The team, consisting of 11 girls between the ages of 13 and 18, met for their first practice Tuesday evening.

“I am still trying to recruit people,” Hoagland said, noting 12-year-old girls can play on the team as long as they have two previous years of experience in baseball or softball.
Mike Hoagland is coaching the team. 
Players include: Hoagland, Lizzy Lacquement, Exelee Lacquement, Katie Higgins, Franque Robertson, Courtney Ban, Sadey Kinn, Katrina Shumway, Shanya Larsen, Amanda Haidle and Caitlin Lantis.
So far, the team’s schedule has yet to be announced. The team is organized under the Glendive Girls Softball Association.
“They might bring a few games down here,” Hoagland said.
Those interested in playing or helping coach can call Hoagland at 635-5259. 
Published May 27, 2009
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