Fair board plans early date for Prairie County Fair

  The Prairie County Fair Board met recently to begin planning for the 2009 Prairie County Fair.  The Fair Board set August 6-9, 2009 as this year’s fair dates.  

The Fair this year is earlier due to Eastern Montana Fair’s carnival contract which placed the fair in Miles City on Prairie County’s regularly scheduled weekend.  As a result, Prairie County’s Fair will be August 6-9, Dawson County’s Fair will be August 14-16, and the Eastern Montana Fair in Miles City will be August 21-23.  It is expected that Prairie County Fair will go back to its regularly scheduled weekend between the Dawson County and Eastern Montana Fair in 2010.
The Fair Board wanted to publicize the earlier fair dates soon enough for people to be able to plan their entries accordingly.  Gardens may need to be planted a bit earlier and the 4-H market livestock put on feed sooner in order to meet the earlier deadline.
This earlier date may result in some changes to the Fair schedule.  The Fair Board has contacted PAL and the Terry Roping Club so they can schedule the Bump & Run and Ranch Rodeo to fit into their respective circuits.  The Fair Board does not expect there to be many changes to the open class judging schedule.  Entries will be accepted beginning on Thursday, with judging taking place on Friday.
The Fair Board is exploring entertainment options, including inviting the Parched Prairie Players to perform and seeking entertainment on the grounds for the kids during the day.
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