Bus routes and contracts will be reviewed

By Kay Braddock

        Members of the Prairie County Transportation Committee will be meeting Thursday at the Prairie County Courthouse to approve transportation contracts and review existing bus routes for Terry Schools.

Up to a total of about 40 Terry School students were picked up on the three existing bus routes during the 2008-09 school year. Bus routes include the westbound route traveling on Old Highway 10, which picked up about 12 children, the Fallon route, which traveled east of Fallon on CB Route to pick up about 20 children and the Cabin Creek bus route, which sporadically picked up about eight children.
During a recent school board meeting, trustees voted 3-2 to discontinue the Cabin Creek bus route, opting for the Fallon bus to add the Four Corners stop, near Fallon Flat, to its route, rather than having a separate bus designated for the area. 
The transportation committee will ultimately decide on whether to take the school board’s recommendation, as the committee has the final say on the matter.
The change would require at least two families in the Cabin Creek area to travel to the Four Corners bus stop.
Currently there are seven transportation contracts to evaluate, according to committee member Cathy Kalmback. That is down from last year’s 12. Although two more contracts could be added to the list, Kalmback noted, depending on if the committee opts to adhere to the school board’s previous decision.
Transportation contracts, which compensate families for expenditures made for traveling to school or to the nearest bus route, fall under three classifications. The regular contract provides families 35 cents per mile, round-trip, minus the first three miles. Isolation status provides 1.50 per mile, round-trip, minus the first three miles. Room and board contracts provide $12.95 per day for the first student and $8.40 for each additional student. Room and board contracts apply to families who opt to have their children live in town during the school year. 
Currently there are no isolation contracts and only one room and board contract scheduled to be reviewed by the transportation committee.
Other committee members include: Charles Deisher, Jamie Smith, Scott Fredrickson and Ann Marie Davis.

June 10, 2009

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