Terry volunteer firemen take part in controlled burn

 By Bob Van der Valk
       Sunday mornings are usually reserved for going to church in Terry.   But during a recent Sunday, an exception was made for 10 hearty Terry Fire Department volunteers under the supervision of fire chief Dwight Tague. 

They reported to the town fire station at 5 am in order to practice fire fighting skills on a scheduled controlled burn of a home belonging to Larry and Rolane Christofferson located on Towne Avenue.
  Just a few glitches arose, which the volunteers were able to overcome, including a stubborn generator that would not start. The generator was needed to keep pumping the water.   Curious on-lookers were kept at a distance but all seemed to be having a good time watching the fire while having their early morning cup of coffee.
  Volunteer Loren Larsen explained that they assemble big water tubs next to the fire truck with a pump that in turn sucks up the water to spray on the fire.  The water is shuttled in with tanker trucks from wells located next to city hall, the post office and the municipal pool, keeping the tubs full and water supplied to put out the fire.
  The other way water is brought in to fight a fire is by laying a hose; yes a very long hose, connected to the water well by city hall.  Hoses are then connected end to end and can be stretched long enough to reach across town.  It may take too long to connect all those hoses while the fire is raging out of control.
  There is an old saying that practice makes perfect and the residents of Terry should feel a lot safer after the men and equipment performed magnificently. 
  The following is a list of per Terry volunteer firemen:
Braddock, Todd
Brown, Steve
Deisher, Beverly
Fischer, Duane
Hellman, Dale
Helmuth, Josh
Henry, Todd
Hess, Troy
Johnson, Mike
Kirkpatrick, Dan
Klunder, Bill
Koppenhaver, Jerry
Krebsbach, Tim
Netzer, Elden
Pisk, John
Pisk, Thomas
Ruddats, David
Smith, Jason
Tague, Dwight
Todd, James
Weaver, John

Published July 8, 2009

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