New owners will open downtown café later in July

By Kay Braddock 

Mother- and daughter-in-law duo, Arline and Inger Koppenhaver say they are excited about their new business venture together. The Badlands Café and Scoop Shoppe, located on South Logan Avenue, will open its doors the week of July 25. “We want to add to what is already here,” Inger said, noting the friendly, fun atmosphere that was created by former owners Mike and Sherry Strasheim. 
The two plan to keep the 1950’s theme created by the Strasheims, while also including pictures of the area’s badlands. 
Rather than dividing the space between a gift shop and eatery, the establishment will only serve as a café. 
Home-cooked and healthy menu items will be the primary focus offered at the café, along with providing a friendly environment for families. A variety of ice cream flavors, home-baked desserts and daily evening dinner specials will also be available.  
The café will be open Tuesday through Saturday 10 am to 8 pm.
“I haven’t had time to be nervous,” Arline said of their decision to begin a new business. “I’ve had too many things in my head to do.”
The two have been considering buying the business from the Strasheims for about a year, Inger said, but it wasn’t until recently that “everything just kind of fell into line.”
Arline and husband Paul Koppenhaver moved to the area in 2004 after purchasing a ranch south of Terry. Paul also owns a construction business. The couple has two grown sons Chris, of Seeley Lake, Mont. and Jerry. 
Shortly after visiting their family in Terry, Jerry and Inger Koppenhaver moved to Terry in 2005.  They have three young children and are expecting a baby July 16. Jerry is studying to become a licensed electrician.
Paul and Jerry will help with maintenance on the building.
Inger, who recently resigned her position at the Prairie County Library, pointed out that although the two will be managing the business together, she will primarily serve in a behind-the-scenes role.  
With new ideas in the works and more being sought from future customers, the Koppenhavers have begun anticipating future changes to be made.  One item that is sure to stay the same is the red, white and blue symbol that once and will continue to signal the café’s opening. 
“Just look for the open flag,” Inger said, smiling.

Published July 15, 2009

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