Expert healthcare is a blessing

By Kay Braddock 

        Until your world collides with theirs, it’s impossible to fully appreciate the people who serve Prairie County’s emergency medical needs. 

That fact hit close to home for my family on July 17.
People who we thought of as friends, neighbors, acquaintances and even former classmates transformed that evening into medical professionals with one primary agenda in mind – keeping my mom alive.  I’d previously heard from others of the excellent care received at our hometown hospital and read the public thank you notes describing such experiences, but it wasn’t until I saw it first hand with my mom’s life at stake that I was able to fully comprehend the work and dedication of those who serve our community in the medical capacity.
I watched as each medical team member from the Prairie County Ambulance and the Prairie Community Hospital worked together, systematically attending to my mom’s ailments. No egos were in play, and no service was too minute to be carried out, from providing care to Jean to helping my dad and me prepare for the trip to Billings. It was ultimately that team mindset that kept my mom alive that night. 
Diligence and care were intertwined with each decision made. Monitoring Jean’s heart rhythm, giving her the appropriate pain medication, performing needed x-rays and taking blood samples, were just a few of the procedures performed that evening. All were carried out with the utmost care, consideration and concern for my mom. 
But above and beyond the medical procedures provided, was the underlying current that these people genuinely cared about what happened to Jean Johnson. She wasn’t a nameless patient to those attending to her. I will not forget the way each one spoke to her and handled her that evening. She was valued. These healthcare professionals were not simply completing a medical exercise - they were intent on keeping Jean alive. 
Their professionalism and care is no doubt present with each and every patient that enters their realm.
The people of Prairie County can consider themselves blessed to be living in an area where such professional care is just a phone call away.
Published August 5, 2009

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