County fair’s 4H winning entries announced

  The following are the winning results of the  4-H entries displayed at the 72nd Prairie County Fair.

2009 Fair Results  - 
Showmanship: Grand Champion senior Swine Showman: Kelsey Haughian; Reserve Champion Senior Swine Showman: Kalli Householder; Grand Champion Junior Swine Showman: Evan Haughian; Reserve Champion Junior Swine Showman: Alec Haughian
Market: Grand Champion Market Hog: Kalli Householder; Reserve Champion Market Hog: Kelsey Haughian; Grand Champion - Pen of two Market Hogs: : Kyle Tusler; Reserve Champion - Pen of two Market Hogs
Rate of Gain - Swine
Grand Champion- Rate of Gain - Hog : Kyle Tusler
Showmanship: Grand Champion Sheep Showman: Ashley Morast; Reserve Champion Senior Sheep Showman: Paige Beardsley; Grand Champion Junior Sheep Showman: Wyatt Foulger; Reserve Champion Junior Sheep Showman: Alyssa Morast
Market: Grand Champion Market Lamb: Paige Beardsley; Reserve Champion Market Sheep: Alyssa Morast; Grand Champion Pen of two Market Lambs: Nathan Foulger; Reserve Champion Pen of Two Market Lambs: Aaron Morast
Breeding: Grand Champion Sheep Breeding: Alyssa Morast
Rate of Gain- Sheep: Grand Champion Rate of Gain- Sheep : Ashley Morast
Showmanship: Grand Champion Senior Beef Showman: Kelsey Haughian; Reserve Champion Senior Beef Showman: Kalli Householder; Grand Champion Junior Beef Showman: Alyssa Morast; Reserve Champion Junior Beef Showman: Alec Haughian
Market: Grand Champion Market Beef: Kristina Fredrickson; Reserve Champion Market Beef: Alyssa Morast
Breeding: Grand Champion Overall Beef Breeding: Kelsey Haughian; Reserve Champion Overall Beef Breeding: Alec Haughian
Rate of Gain- Beef: Grand Champion Rate of Gain Beef: Kelsey Haughian
Grand Champion Overall Goat: Shad Mack
Horse & Horsemanship
Showmanship: Grand Champion Senior Horse Showman: Nathan Foulger; Reserve Champion Senior Horse Showman: Katie Higgins; Grand champion Junior Horse Showman: Wyatt Foulger; Reserve champion Junior Horse Showman: Layne Grue
Horsemanship: Grand Champion Horsemanship: Nathan Foulger; reserve Champion Horsemanship: Katie Higgins
Grand Champion 4-H Horse: Grand Champion 4-H Horse: Nathan Foulger; reserve Champion 4-H Horse: Kristina Fredrickson
Cat: Junior Grand Champion: Kelsey Grant; Junior Reserve Champion: Randee Shannon
Dog: Grand Champion Overall Dog: Paige Beardsley; Reserve Champion Overall Dog: Layne Grue
Round Robin Showmanship: Grand Champion Senior Round Robin Showman: Nathan Foulger; Reserve Champion Senior Round Robin Showman: Kelsey Haughian; Grand Champion Junior Round Robin Showman: Evan Haughian; Reserve Champion Junior Round Robin Showman: Wyatt Foulger
Sewing and Textiles
Grand Champion Overall Sewing and Textiles: Ashley Morast; Reserve Champion Sewing and Textiles: Alyssa Morast; Grand Champion Clothing- Level 1: Ann Grue; Reserve champion Clothing- Level 1: Deanna Loomis
Grand Champion Clothing- Level 2: Layne Grue; Grand Champion Clothing- Level 3: Alyssa Morast; Reserve Champion Clothing- Level 3: Randee Shannon; Grand Champion Clothing- Advanced: Ashley Morast; Grand champion Overall Quilting: Deanna Loomis
Special Awards: Judge’s Choice: Randee Shannon; Judge’s Choice: Alyssa Morast; Senior Sewing and Textiles: Ashley Morast
Food and Nutrition: 
Grand Champion Overall Foods: Randee Shannon; Reserve Champion Overall Foods: Ashley Morast; Grand Champion Beginning Foods: Jason Loomis; Reserve Champion Beginning Foods: Kelsey Grant; Grand champion Six Easy Bites: Deanna Loomis; Reserve Champion Six Easy Bites: Aaron Morast; Grand champion You’re the Chef: Randee Shannon; Grand Champion Foodworks: Ashley Morast
Special Awards: Judge’s Choice- Beginning Foods: Kelsey Grant; Judge’s Choice- Intermediate Foods: Travis Shannon; Judge’s Choice- Advanced Foods: Ashley Morast
Art & Design
Grand Champion Arts and Design: Kelsey Haughian; Reserve Champion Arts and Design: Randee Shannon; Grand Champion Short Term: Kelsey haughian; Reserve champion Short Term: Alyssa Morast; Grand Champion Scrapbooking: Deanna Loomis
Special Awards: Judge’s Choice Short Term Junior: Aaron Morast; Judge’s Choice Short Term Senior: Kelsey Haughian
Mechanical Science
Grand Champion Overall Mechanical Science: Ann Grue; Reserve Champion Overall Mechanical Science: Shad Mack; Grand Champion Electricity: Travis Shannon; Grand champion Leathercraft: Travis Shannon; Grand champion Small Engines: Shad Mack; Grand Champion Woodworking; Ann Grue
General Science
Grand champion General Science: Katrina Shumway; Reserve Champion General Science: Randee Shannon; Grand Champion Cat: Randee Shannon; Grand Champion Horseless Horse: Katrina Shumway; Grand champion Pocket Pets; Ann Grue; Grand Champion Photography: Randee Shannon; Grand Champion Shooting Sports: Jason Loomis
Special Awards: Judge’s Choice 4-H Miscellaneous Project: Travis Shannon
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