Foggy conditions greet school students

  Misty morning weather welcomed students equipped with backpacks and school supplies, as they made their way on to the grounds of Terry Schools Tuesday. Students followed a typical Friday schedule for the first day, meaning an early 2:30 p.m. release.

From kindergarten through 12th grade, 138 students are enrolled at Terry Schools for the 2009-10 school year, according to Superintendent Charles Deisher. That’s up from last year’s beginning number of 121 students, and includes a slight increase from last year’s ending number of 135.
Most of those students are coming from the elementary grades, Deisher noted.
Class breakdown numbers are as follows: kindergarten 13, 1st grade 12, 2nd grade 10, 3rd grade 12, 4th grade 13, 5th grade 4, 6th grade 12, 7th 10, 8th grade 9, 9th grade 15, 10th grade 10, 11th grade 13 and 12th grade 4.
Seventh through twelfth grade students attended an early morning welcome assembly given by Supt. Deisher.
“It boils down to if everybody is safe, responsible and respectful we’ll have another great year again,” Deisher said, recapping the message he gave the students.
Deisher also met with each of the elementary grades.
Changes for the school year include a new drop off and pick up location for students. Rather than traveling through the school campus, parents are encouraged to pull off along Towne Street, which runs north and south, using the sidewalks adjacent to the street next to both Bolin and Grandey buildings. Buses will now pick up and drop off students behind the high school building.
Published August 29, 2009

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