Volleyball team finds wins on road; loses to rival Circle

By Sharilyn Kortum 

        Friday evening the junior varsity and varsity girls traveled to Wibaux to take on the Longhorns in single match action. Then on Saturday, it was

off to spend the day in Ekalaka to participate in the Ekalaka Invitational.
Friday evening in Wibaux, the junior varsity girls took the Longhorns to four games before dropping the contest. The games were close with both
teams battling hard. The girls are getting great experience, which helps keep a strong bench for the varsity team, according to head coach Jasmine Freiboth. She also noted how she is very proud of her junior varsity team’s efforts and hard work.
Scoring for the junior varsity match against Wibaux was: (Wibaux’s scores first) 19-25, 25-21, 15-10, 15-9.
Game statistics are as follows: Kills 14 - Sadie Kinn led with 8, Assists 13 - Lindsay Stickel led with 13, Aces 7 - Courtney Ban led with 4, Digs 15 - Anna Fredrickson led with 5, Blocks 3 - Kinn led with 2.
Following the junior varsity match was the varsity girls’ contest against the Longhorns. Terry defeated the Wibaux girls in four games: 25-22, 25-11, 21-25, 25-10. 
Statistics for the contest are as follows: Kills 27 - Dukart led with 11, Assists 20 - Jordan Freiboth led with 12, Aces 22 -Freiboth led with 8, Digs 22 -Dukart led with 7,  Blocks 9 - Carley Stickel and Dukart each had 4 to lead the team.
Saturday proved a long day for the Lady Terriers as they played in five matches throughout the tournament. Terry played Hysham, Wibaux, Jordan, and Circle.
According to head coach Freiboth, the girls did a good job of working together over the weekend. On Saturday, after losing big to Circle, the girls came right back and turned the championship game against the Wildcats into a hard fought championship match.
“I am very proud of how they came back (against Circle),¨ Freiboth stated.
Terry will turn around and travel to Circle on Thursday, Sept. 17 where they will have yet another chance to give the Wildcats a run for their money.
“Thursday’s game in Circle will be an exciting one,” Freiboth stated.
As for how the team fared in the Ekalaka tournament, match and game results are as follows:
Terry vs Hysham 
Terry won in two games 25-12, 25-24. Kills 22 - Dukart led with 10, Assists 9 - Freiboth led with 6, Aces 10 - Dukart led with 4, Digs 19 - Amy Browning led with 5, Blocks 0.
Terry vs Wibaux
Terry won in two games 25-10, 25-21. Kills 18 - C. Stickel and Dukart led with 8 each, Assists 9 - Freiboth led with 5, Aces 9 - Dukart and Amanda Haidle led with 3 each, Digs 13 - Haidle and Browning led with 3 each, Blocks 5 - Freiboth and C. Stickel led with 2 each.
Terry vs Jordan 
Terry won 25-15. Kills - C. Stickel led with 3, Assists 6 -Freiboth and Haidle led with 3 each, Aces 5 - Browning led with 3, Digs 24 - Lorna Wollman led with 6, Blocks 1 - Dukart led with 1.
Terry vs Circle 
Terry lost 8-25, 10-25. Kills 10 - C. Stickel led with 4, Assists 7 - Haidle led with 4, Aces 1 - Browning led with 1, Digs 31 - Browning led with 9, Blocks 0.
Terry vs Circle Championship Match 
Terry lost 18-25, 27-29, 11-25. Kills 26 - Dukart led with 10, Assists 17 - Freiboth led with 9, Aces 6 - Dukart led with 2, Digs 26 - Wollman led with 6, Blocks 3 - Dukart led with 2.
After traveling to Circle on Thursday, Terry will head back to Ekalaka on Saturday, Sept. 19, for the Ekalaka quad, where they will compete against Ekalaka, Hysham, and Wibaux.

Published Sept. 16, 2009

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