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In a valiant effort Saturday morning against Hysham, senior Mike Poucher attempts a shot and a chance to extend his playing career as a Terrier. In what was a heartbreaking loss, Poucher and the Terriers weren't able to hold off the determined Pirate team

In a valiant effort Saturday morning ...

Boys finish fifth at district tourney

The Terry team finished their season Saturday morning, in a heartbreaking loss against the Hysham Pirates. The back and forth action found the Terriers trailing early on, but by halftime the hometown team only trailed by one point. Terriers led for a good portion of the second half, but in the remaining three minutes, due in part to missed lay-ups and free-throws the Pirates took over their lead and never let go.
“We worked extremely hard,” Head Coach Casey Klasna said. “I was pretty proud of their efforts.”
The majority of on-court time was played by three freshmen, one sophomore and one senior, Klasna pointed out, noting the Terrier team still has much more experience to look forward to gaining, in upcoming seasons.
“Hysham is an experienced team,” Klasna noted. 
In a game that saw junior player Taylor Pisk injured from a dislocated shoulder and fellow junior teammate Tanner Stickel fouled out in the third quarter, there were few shortages of intense moments.
Hysham’s ability to hit three-pointers at key moments of the game, proved to be a winning advantage over the Terry team.
Stomping and cheering the crowd of purple and white Terrier fans, including the girls’ team, which had just earlier won their match-up against the Melstone team, let their presence be known. 
Hysham came away with a 58 - 49 victory.   
Game 1  
Terry      12     22     31     47 
Ekalaka  14     25     37     51 
Scoring for Terry: Trevor Pisk 11, Weston Luedtke 5, Jerett Freiboth 7, Mike Poucher 19, Tanner Stickel 5.  
Game 2
Terry     20     24     12     17     73
Custer     3       9     13     10     35 
Scoring for Terry: Trayton Schroeber 1, Kyle Tusler 2, Trevor Pisk 9, Talon Mack 10, Luedtke 23, Freiboth 12, Poucher 6, Stickel 3, Taylor Pisk 7
Game 3
Plevna     6     13     15     17     51
Terry      15      7     12     20     54
Scoring for Terry: Trevor Pisk 6, Luedtke 1, Freiboth 12, Poucher 13, Stickel 14, Taylor Pisk 8.
Game 4
Terry       11     13     17     8     49
Hysham  20      6     11     21    58
Scoring for Terry: Trevor Pisk 10, Freiboth 17, Poucher 11, Stickel 9, Taylor Pisk 2
District 4C Boys Basketball Tourney, Glendive, MT
Players of the game
1    Trevor Saylor, Jordan    Forrest Moore, Custer
2    Levi Kono, Plevna        Nolan Parry, Rosebud
3    Cody Cole, Ekalaka        Mike Poucher, Terry
4    Abram Half, N. Cheyenne    Lane Morales, Hysham
5    Garrett Balock, Melstone    Richard Hageman, Jordan
6    Travis Bertelsen, Wibaux    Levi Kono, Plevna
7    Forrest Moore, Custer    Weston Luedtke, Terry
8    Austin Whitewoman, NC   Jordan Stirling, Rosebud
9    Ches Meyer, Ekalaka    Tyler Wilson, Melstone
10    Travis Bertelsen, Wibaux    Tait Hollowell, Hysham
11    Tanner Stickel, Terry    Reid Medearis, Plevna
12    Abram Half, N. Cheyenne    Trevor Murnion, Jordan
13    Abram Half, N. Cheyenne    Cody Cole, Ekalaka
14    Trevor Pisk, Terry        Jeff Morales, Hysham
15    Abram Half, N. Cheyenne    Lane Morales, Hysham
16    Tyler Wilson, Melstone    Jeremiah Garneau, Wibaux
All Tournament teams
First Team
MVP  Travis Bertelsen, Wibaux
2    Lane Morales, Hysham
3    Abram Half, Northern Cheyenne
4    Garrett Balock, Melstone
5    Cody Cole, Ekalaka
Second Team
1    Tyler Wilson, Melstone
2    Levi Kono, Plevna
3  Jeremiah Garneau, Wibaux
4    Mike Poucher, Terry
5    Trevor Murnion, Jordan

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