Speaker shares anti-drug, positive self image message

 By Kay Braddock

       “No doubt about it, each one of you will have a dream.” 

That was the opening message presented last week to junior high and high school students by motivational speaker Lance Lanning. He continued, “But you don’t reach your dreams overnight.” 
During an hour-long, multi-faceted presentation, including video clips and interactive moments, Lanning shared the importance of choices, watching for warning signs and helping others.
Dreams take time, perseverance and making good choices day in and day out, the 34-year-old Havre native shared.
“The choices you’re making today will determine your dreams of tomorrow,” Lanning told students. “You show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.”
Gathered students listened as Lanning described his own dream of one day seeing his retired football jersey hung from the walls of his hometown gym. Although he made many good choices early on in life, Lanning shared a series of poor choices in college led him to return home only to see his arrest record reported in the local newspaper.
“My biggest regret is that I listened to the lies of a few students,” he shared, recalling his earliest memories occurring in kindergarten and being teased because he didn’t look like other students his age.  
Students have a choice to be image-breakers or image-makers, Lanning said.
“Words and actions destroy people all the time in schools everyday,” he said. 
Concluding his message, Lanning told students, “The greatest thing you’ll ever do in life is help another person.”
Published Nov. 4, 2009

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