Old establishment torn down

By Kay Braddock

  Monday afternoon a crew from John Muggli Construction of Miles City began the demolition of a building on Terry’s north end Laundre St. that once served as a popular bar and cafe. The building, currently owned by Farmers Union, had been used as a storage facility in recent years. 

A once thriving business, the Bud n Bette Bar and Cafe, officially closed its doors in 1999, just two years after owner Bud Goplen died. Bette Goplen operated the business in its final two years, but due to her own health concerns, she shared that she decided to close its doors. An auction was held in the fall of that same year, distributing much of the building’s inside contents. 
The couple bought the establishment from Johnny Kuehn in 1957. Bud Goplen began working at the establishment, then known as Young’s, in 1947, while Bette started work there three years later. 
“It was so much work,” Bette shared of the couple’s 50-year career at the establishment. Opening daily at 6 a.m., Bette recalled some of the fond memories the couple shared there. She also recalled the popularity of the cafe’s homemade ice cream.
“I was fine,” Bette said of her feelings about the demolition of the building. Adding, “I knew it was coming.”
Due to water collecting in a small space between the old building and the Farmers Union building, Farmers Union branch manger Glenn Pehl noted water was seeping into the basement of the Farmers Union building causing extensive damage to its foundation. Farmers Union also owns the empty lot west of the old building and long-term future plans may include adding a new structure to the site, Pehl said.

Published Jan. 20, 2010

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