County spellers face off

 By Kay Braddock

        It wasn’t words like inform, walk or school that tripped up middle school spellers competing in the annual Prairie County Spelling Bee. Those warm-up-round words easily sailed through the minds and mouths of the fifth through eighth grade students competing in the Tuesday afternoon spelling contest.

Instead it was words like antiquated, xylophone and photosynthesis.
After eight rounds, in a nearly 45-minute competition, 28 spellers were reduced to two. 
Seventh grader Kyle Lassle finished the contest after correctly spelling the words ambulance and worrisome. His ninth round competitor Layna Grue accepted the second place trophy.
Rounds three through eight saw the same five students competing as top remaining spellers Brady Strasheim, Dakotah Luedtke, Lane Stickel, Kyle Lassle and Layna Grue struggled to seal the deal with two consecutive, correctly spelled words – meaning all spellers in the round were allowed to compete in the following set.
Round nine was narrowed to Lassle and Grue after the two correctly spelled baton and threshold, respectively.
Lassle is eligible to compete at the state spelling bee in Billings on March 27.

Published Mar. 3, 2010

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