County officials look to resolve horse trespass complaint

  Prairie County Sheriff Bill Klunder and County Attorney Becky Convery weighed options with commissioners Monday morning on how best to handle a horse trespass complaint that was formally filed with the Sheriff’s office in June of 2008. It has been an ongoing issue since that time, according to Klunder. 

Fallon resident Doug Hjorth first filed a complaint nearly two years ago stating Hjorth’s neighbor Lorin Abarr’s then 13 horses were getting onto his fenced property and damaging his wheat fields. Pictures of the damaged property were included in the complaint. Hjorth’s insurance company, according to Klunder, will not cover damages incurred. 
Commissioners consulted with the Dawson County Board of Commission, noting a similar situation had been dealt with in Dawson County. Dawson County Commissioner Jim Skillestad recalled the steps their county followed, which almost perfectly mirrored those of Prairie County. The steps were: Landowner filed a complaint, county attorney researched the issue and subsequently determined it to be a civil issue.
“That’s what I told Doug last year, that it was a civil matter,” Convery said after the telephone call with Skillestad. 
The county will look into installing a motion activated trail camera to determine whether any criminally mischief is taking place, which has yet to be proven.
Published March 17, 2010

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