Randall announces re-election bid for state representative seat

  “Montana's economic future and our individual liberties are under attack. Montana's legislature needs proven conservatives who will fight to restore our jobs, reduce the size of government and cut taxes,” said state Representative for house district 39 Lee Randall. “I have a proven record of defending our values and fighting powerful special interests, while others in Helena just pay lip service.”

“There are too many regulators telling us what to do with our property, radical environmentalists robbing us of our natural resource development, and aspiring politicians who want to spend your money on things we cannot afford. After one session, I'm confident people in the district know I will fight for them no matter what the establishment thinks,” said Randall
Randall, a Republican rancher and small business owner was elected in 2008 and will be competing for his re-election in the June 8 primary.
As a principled conservative representative, Randall co-sponsored the Montana made Firearms Act which exempts any firearm made in Montana from federal regulation. Randall also supported abolishing the business equipment tax which penalizes farmers, ranchers and businesses for investing in equipment. Randall was ranked by Montanans in Action as the 5th most fiscally conservative Representative out of 100 standing members.
For more information contact Lee Randall at (406) 436-2807 or visit his Web site at www.Vote4LeeRandall.com

Published March 24, 2010

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